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Citibank downgraded MicroStrategy (mstr) on Tuesday because it focused disproportionately on the special currency business, according to cointegraph on December 9. Shortly after MicroStrategy announced it would raise more money to buy bitcoin, Citibank an

Viabtcpool is the worlds leading digital currency mining service platform. At present, it has become the worlds fifth largest BTC, second largest BCH, second largest BSV, fourth largest LTC and largest FCH. It serves more than 1 million users and covers m

They are: sono amhaz, founding partner of voltcapitcapital; Sam bankman fried, founder of FTX; Joseph Krug, co-founder of augur; Alexander Liegl, co-founder of layer1 technologies; Jack mallers, founder of zapsolutions; Flori Marquez, co-founder of blockf

The main idea is still to hold positions to rise, not blindly against the trend short. However, although the upward trend is good now, it is better to adopt a more robust low suction strategy instead of too radical pursuit strategy for the funds that are

As of 11:00 on November 13, 37.65 million hbars had participated in the lock up. The activity was launched for two days. The average annual reward rate of money locking was 278%, and the daily interest rate was about 0.761%. According to the amount of usd

Taiyiglobal CMO Meng Chundong said today: Taiyi technology has been developing in the domestic market for nearly seven years. While pushing high-quality products to domestic users, it has accumulated a certain number of customers in overseas markets. Afte

As of November 18, the total scale of gray asset management rose to $10.8 billion. The trading price of bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) was $19.64 per share, down 2.58% from the previous day; the trading price of Ethereum Trust Fund (ethe) was $65.55, down 6.74

According to bituniverse exchanges transparent digital asset ranking, the digital asset scale of firecoin global station is US $6.023 billion (241500 BTC + 3.7444 million eth + 369 million usdt), which is the largest exchange in the world in terms of user

In the EOS perpetual contract account, the average long position proportion is 17.36%, and the average short position proportion is 15.31%. The long position is temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) is 1524800 EOS.Due to the hard

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