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The IMF report in April also wrote: At present, encrypted assets do not seem to pose a significant financial risk. In the same month, IMF President Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde) published an official blog post titled "Aneven-handApproachtoCry

CalvinAyre is a supporter of BitcoinCash (BCH) and owns the largest BCH mining pool. In August 2017, he acquired the cryptocurrency news website He invested a lot of money for BCH mining to purchase equipment to help increase BCH computing p

The capital cost of a 51% attack is huge. You will need a lot of high-efficiency mining equipment and a lot of power supply. You may not be able to buy either of these. This means you may need to produce your own mining equipment, but also need to generat

Both the adjusted transfer value of BSV and BCH are increasing. BSV’s 2019 adjusted daily transfer amount recently reached a peak of US$144.2 million on June 26, 2019, while BCH reached a peak of US$25.5 billion on June 27, 2019. However, this is still fa

The 7 exchanges, OKEx, Huobi, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bittrex, and Coincheck, have all recently increased their wallet balances. Among them, OKEx grew the most, with a total increase of 140,000 BTC, followed by Huobi, with a total increase of 33,723 B

Tether still lacks the operating standards promised by competitors. A huge lead can only take them. So far, Tether has been reluctant to provide information about the US dollar reserve. Before establishing a complete and fair USDT system, they still have

The architecture of Zilliqa is different from other blockchains. We considered sharding at the very beginning. In the current architecture, we have normal shards and special shards, called DirectoryServiceCommittee. A normal shard will initiate a macroblo

The market price of DAI is less than $1: At this time, the target price change rate will be increased, so that the target price will rise, and the CDP mortgage debt ratio will decrease. That is to say, you may only get 50 DAI when you mortgage 100 ETH. Th

2. The total value of lock-in assets in defi reached 14.88 billion US dollars (+ 0.68%), maker ranked first with us $2.7 billion accounting for 18.11%, and the total value of wbtcs locked assets was US $2.27 billion,Jins, an analyst at todays currency Wor

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