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Fat Fatty seems to be more innocent than Jed, Fat Fat speaks more honestly, and Jed speaks like a liar. Jed also thoroughly understands the organizatBitcoin transferion of Mt.Gox, which is enough to steal BTC and transfer it easily. If one day he wants to move those stolen bitcoins, when he does, I hope he will be caught.

Bitfinex has always been criticized for its lack of transparency in operations, chaotic structure, and frequent hacker attacks. Some community observers claimed that Bitfinex may use the U.S. dollars of users to purchase USDT to redeem BFX debt tokens issued after the attack to make up for economically damaged users, instead of putting U.S. dollars in reserves. Tether was also targeted by hackers due to the ambiguous relationship with Bitfinex, and more than 30 million USD worth of USDT was stolen at the end of last year.

Barry Silbert is a long-sleeved businessman with great negotiating talent. Under his organization, coupled with the opposition being blocked, this New York meeting basically continued the Hong Kong consensus meeting. The miners reached a second consensus, deploying Segregated Witness in August 2017, and expanding the block to 2M in November 2017, which is called the "New York Consensus".

One of the main motivations that motivated me to write this article was to identify a major misunderstanding, that is, Bitcoin's access to users' access to communication rights is different from the strong static guarantees it promises to users. As mentioned above, censorship will only occur during the spread of Bitcoin, so "censorship resistance" cannot be regarded as a characteristic of Bitcoin in an idle state.

Tether (originally called Realcoin) is a blockchain-driven token issued by Tether Limited. Tether is a company allegedly based in Hong Kong, which is owned by Bitfinex. Bitfinex is one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The project was first announced in July 2014, but the project was further updated in 2017. According to data obtained by, Tether is currently the 10th largest cryptocurrency, with a market value of US$2,703,694,156.

Bain Capital Ventures said on Wednesday that the former Fed governor and chairman of the most popular candidate Walsh (KevinWarsh), billionaire Stanley DBitcoin transferruckenmiller (Stanley Druckenmiller) known as a legendary investor in the industry, and many other investors Together they invested in a cryptocurrency project called Basis.

EOS has three resources: CPU, NET (network bandwidth) and RAM (memory). CPU and NET need to be temporarily mortgaged to obtain EOS, which is similar to paying a deposit. EOS can be redeemed if not used. RAM can only be purchased directly with EOS and will be consumed during use.

From the perspective of design details, the central bank digital currency adopts a two-tier operating system, that is, the central bank first exchanges the digital currency to banks or other operating institutions, and then these institutions exchange to the public; while Bitcoin is decentralized Issuance by mining method does not involve the central bank or commercial banks during the issuance process, and is directly open to the public.

On the evening of September 10, Beijing time, the blockchain star company Chain, which has received investment from major financial institutions such as Visa and Nasdaq, announced that it has been acquired by the Stellar protocol startup, but it did not disclose The amount of this transaction.