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Bitcoin broke this trend, it does not need to trust any intermediary. Unlike most so-called "digital" assets, Bitcoin does not require intermediaries. Some assets may choose an intermediary, but BiBitcoin mining cardtcoin does not. It took me a long time to understand the depth of this change.

Looking at the performance of each blockchain sector, we found that within 24 hours, the transaction volume of the currency sector reached 10,077.6 billion US dollars (a 21% increase in transaction volume), and the transaction volume of the distributed ledger sector reached 921.5 billion US dollars (a 84% increase in transaction volume) , The anonymous currency sector transaction volume reached 3,346.3 billion U.S. dollars (a 41% increase in transaction volume), the forked currency sector’s transaction volume was 676.3 billion U.S. dollars (a 1888% increase in transaction volume), and the cross-chain/side-chain sector transaction volume was 4447.9 million U.S. dollars (transactions The transaction volume of the asset management sector was US$185.33 million (a 209% increase in transaction volume), the trading volume of the advertising and entertainment sector was US$122.4 million (trading volume decreased by 13%), and the transaction volume of the platform currency sector was US$477.2 million ( Transaction volume increased by 0.99%), the Internet of Things segment transaction volume was US$35.08 million (a 41% decrease in transaction volume), the artificial intelligence sector transaction volume was US$35.80 million (trading volume decreased by 89%), and the social communication sector transaction volume was US$297.4 million. (Transaction volume decreased by 313%), financial services segment transaction volume was US$72.9 million (trading volume decreased by 09%), data management segment transaction volume was US$115.1 million (transaction volume decreased by 106%), anti-counterfeiting traceability segment transaction volume was 0.0329 million USD (decrease in trading volume by 295%).

When the market is in a bear market cycle, if SOPR is greater than 1 (that is, the profit from selling bitcoin is higher than the cost of buying), this situation will not last. Because most investors are worried about the decline in the price of the currency, selling Bitcoin at the break-even point or even a slight loss may become the choice of these investors.

According to data from coinmarketcap, although Bitcoin today is affected by the crypto bear market, its daily transaction volume is still stable at 5-6 billion US dollars, and this transaction data is currently higher than the transaction volume of the multinational payment tool PayPal.

And artificial intelligence will provide the code or address with civil capacity. So it can make decisions for the account holder: how to spend money, how to borrow money. I don’t know if you know anything about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is also divided into several parts. The first point is that it can form a prediction from past data. The second point is that it still needs a judgmental action to finally form a decision. There is still a gap between the predicted action and the decision, and that is judgment. Now this action still needs people to perform, so we now mainly call artificial intelligence a decision-making aid, rather than a complete decision-making tool. Smart contracts can replace people to fill this gap. One is the structure of the smart contract, and the other is that the balance on the blockchain can provide a judgment structure and is self-executing. Therefore, in this case, integrating several systems can form a complete and effective civil subject.

Ao Ben Satoshi spoke soon. As of 4:30, and had mined 14 BCHABC Bitcoin mining cardblocks, while Mempool, SVPool and CoinGeek had mined 13 BCHSV blocks. The block generation speed of BCHSV has increased significantly, only one block behind BCHABC.