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DPoS is similar to a joint-stock company. Ordinary shareholders cannot enter the board of directors. They must vote to elect representatives to form the board of directors. The board of directors is responsible for dBitcoin currencyecision-making and execution. Corresponding to EOS, it is through a decentralized voting mechanism to vote for 21 super nodes to perform their rights and obligations on behalf of all EOS holders.

Rooke posted this tweet after Goldman Sachs held a customer conference call about Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs told customers during the conference call that Bitcoin is not an asset class, but Goldman's argument ignored the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) ruling that Bitcoin is a commodity.

However, after Buffett, who has always had a negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies, "rolled over", Paul Tudor Jones, a name that is loud enough on Wall Street, recognized the anti-inflation effect of cryptocurrencies represented by Bitcoin and his positive attitude towards the digitalization of fiat currencies. Undoubtedly, it has injected a shot into the cryptocurrency market.

The UAE Sheikh and Ruler of Dubai announced in April this year that he would launch the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021, ambitious, trying to become the world's first Blockchain government. The UAE’s plan will focus on the well-being of citizens and residents, government efficiency, legislation and global entrepreneurship.

A large number of trading mining exchanges emerged from June to July 2018. Take CoinBene's full currency as an example. On June 27, the team of the full currency was exploded "infighting with the dealers". The platform currency Coni rose sharply and then plummeted under the "dongfeng" of "trading mining". Two days later, another exchange, BigONE, suspended the trading pair between the "trading mining area" and the platform currency BIG. Behind the new model that has survived for nearly a week is the scandal of "internal early bird harvesting transaction mining users". After the suspension of trading, investors who once "mined" were blocked from retreating.

On December 8, 2015, Wired and Gizmodo media respectively issued news reports claiming that CSW may be Satoshi Nakamoto. This stems from the fact that the two media received a series of anonymous emails in November, which provided many of CraigWright’s emails, call information, financial records, etc. Various signs indicate that there are inextricable links between CraigWright and Bitcoin. contact. The hacked email shows that CSW used the email address to email his colleagues in January 2014. CSW tried to contact the Australian Senator to inquire about Bitcoin regulation, trying to persuade the AustraliBitcoin currencyan government to use his Bitcoin holdings as currency rather than an asset that requires more taxation.

The large outflow did not have too much impact on the change in the total Bitcoin balance of the platform, indicating that Coinbase retail investors have made a large number of small recharges in the past six months, thus filling the gap in the outflow of some large accounts. According to data from the Coinbase website, affected by the sharp drop in prices in March, the number of new user registrations on the platform doubled from the average of the last 12 months. At the same time, the number of transaction users and total transaction volume also tripled and six times, respectively. increase.

The unchanging of Bitcoin brings the expectation of stability and is the biggest selling point, especially at the moment when the old order is collapsing. After Bitcoin's successful halving in May 2020, the inflation rate is about 1.8%, and after the halving in 2024, it will further drop to 0.8%, which is lower than the 2% inflation standard generally recognized by central banks; on the other hand, global central banks The Federal Reserve, the leader of the United States, can issue an additional US$3 trillion in just three months, the M0 money supply has risen by more than 70%, and the central banks of other countries have adopted similar extreme expansionary monetary policies, plus The extreme expansionary fiscal policies adopted by governments around the world are in sharp contrast to Bitcoin's stable expectations.

Cointelegraph previously reported that at the end of 2017, there were rumors on social networks that former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (John Key) now holds $300 of his initial bitcoin investment of $1,000. However, John Key denied the rumor and revealed that the fake news was published by NewZealandHerald, the country's largest news newspaper.