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It is reported that at present, Watt contract has launched perpetual contract, perpetual portfolio swap contract, full currency contract and currency based perpetual contract. The platform has not been stuck or down for several times under extreme market conditions. BesideBitcoin stock prices, it has launched the functions of one button documentary and one button reverse, providing professional, safe and compliant contract trading services for global users and institutional users.

Wave network Market shows that BTC continued to pull up, breaking through 17600 usdt. It is now 17633.13usdt, up 6.18% in 24h.

It is reported that b-int is the only functional pass issued by the era version of bra ecological platform update 2.0 black gold chain reform, and is the central pass of bra ecological platform, which is produced by mining by b-int equity mining machine,

According to oklink data, the average computing power of BTC in the past seven days is about 126.86eh/s, and the difficulty of the whole network is about 16.79t. The next prediction difficulty is 16.67t, and there are 2 days and 16 hours to adjust. The 7-day average computing power of mainstream currency fell across the board; that of eth fell by 1.16%; and most of the mining income of mainstream currency fell back.

1. The total value of lock-in assets in defi reached 14.58 billion US dollars (+ 3.11%), and maker's total value was 26

At 22:00 on December 8, crustnetwork, a distributed storage project in Boca ecology, officially Bitcoin stock pricelaunched the crust storage market, and airdropped the crust storage market token CSM, totaling 100 million. Users can provide CRU liquidity and forward tweets to obtain CSM on uniswap. At present, DAPP has been launched in wheat, imtoken, TP, atoken and other wallets.