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However, due to changes in the economic environment and the entry of institutional investors, this type of bitcoin, known as "digital gold", has become popular since the beginning of this year. The story of Bitcoins wealth creation begins again.

From our first conversation with Coinbase, it is clear that we are all excited and optimistic about each other. Like Coinbase, we fully believe in the power of an open financial system; this is vital to the work we strive to achieve at Paradex. In the nex

Fat Fatty seems to be more innocent than Jed, Fat Fat speaks more honestly, and Jed speaks like a liar. Jed also thoroughly understands the organization of Mt.Gox, which is enough to steal BTC and transfer it easily. If one day he wants to move those stol

SPV looks up a specific address in the blockchain, and then requires the node to prove that the transaction related to one of the addresses actually occurred in a specific block. This is basically a proof of existence (proof of existence) that the transac

Bitcoin broke this trend, it does not need to trust any intermediary. Unlike most so-called "digital" assets, Bitcoin does not require intermediaries. Some assets may choose an intermediary, but Bitcoin does not. It took me a long time to unders

Daniel: The private key security of the Lightning Network is the same as that of Bitcoin. It is enough to manage the security of the node server. There are a variety of private keys in the Lightning node, each of which has different uses, such as the priv

DPoS is similar to a joint-stock company. Ordinary shareholders cannot enter the board of directors. They must vote to elect representatives to form the board of directors. The board of directors is responsible for decision-making and execution. Correspon

On May 14, 2018, DX.Exchange, the first cryptocurrency exchange supported by Nasdaq technology, came out. DX.Exchange is mainly based on the infrastructure provided by Nasdaq. Globally, more than 70 exchanges are using such facilities."Despite the ch

The IMF report in April also wrote: At present, encrypted assets do not seem to pose a significant financial risk. In the same month, IMF President Christine Lagarde (Christine Lagarde) published an official blog post titled "Aneven-handApproachtoCry

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