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For example, the support of a third party is not required to prevent the decentralized verification of double payment, and fStart Bitcoin miningor example, unless all the proof of work is completed again, the transaction record formed will be an unchangeable proof of work, but the end of Bitcoin is no longer known. Unconsciously there is a deviation.

The Core team wants me to sign now. There are many adverse effects in this. I don't want to talk about it here. There are only a few points I will discuss in the future. You want to see my secret key, well, you are like looking at my bank account. In doing so, it completely violates the original intention of Bitcoin's original design. I really don't care what you think of me at all, guess if I have the secret key. Isn’t the asymmetry of information the most interesting part of this Internet? I enjoy this and I am willing to keep my own secret...

According to CoinMetric's data, Bitmex's total bitcoin deposits dropped by about 28%, from 31.5kBTC to 25kBTC. Its market share of open positions (that is, the total size of open futures contracts on the platform) has dropped from 36% to 27%, and the platform's futures market share has dropped from 24% to just under 20%.

Pricing power is not necessarily in the exchange, but can be built on the underlying application system. The first to run out will establish a brand-new system. This system may surpass the bloodbath of Bitcoin, cross the capital of Wall Street, and form a new ecology. As long as a brand-new social foundation has a new social foundation, it will produce wealth creation effect, fission, and community Tissues are constantly updated like cells. The seeds will germinate, and from Asia to the Americas, end users will follow the new ecology and the new rules of the game to grow. Only in this way can there be hope.

After all, it is backed by the Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange. Investors are also giants, including Boston Consulting Group, Starbucks, Microsoft Venture Capital, Horizons Ventures (Li Ka-shing's investment fund), NaspersFinTech (Tencent's major shareholder), Galaxy Digital, etc.

However, some users may feel that there is nothing wrong with this design. This is because while the regulatory authorities require Gemini to take measures to prevent tokens from being used in illegal transactions, they will also prevent Gemini from freezing funds or stealing tokens at will. Therefore, holdiStart Bitcoin miningng such tokens is equivalent to depositing funds in the bank, which has pros and cons, and users must decide for themselves whether they are willing to accept this model.

In June 2015, the first version of Ethereum was released, named Frontier. The Ethereum promised to investors was successfully delivered. Developers began to rush to implement applications on it. While the project quickly landed and pushed up the price of the currency, Ethereum, as the underlying technology of the ICO project, also became the most popular way of fundraising that year. , The global fundraising exceeds 4 billion US dollars.

MolochDAO tries to promote ETH0 in the model of a decentralized autonomous organization. One of the hallmarks of ETH0 is the realization of the POS mechanism. Industry analyst Selkis predicts that ETH will still maintain the POW mechanism for "at least two to three years", and that ETH's transition from POW to POS will "take much longer than anyone expected." This has also become the driving force behind the birth of MolochDAO, and promote the development of the ETH ecosystem, so that "work is rewarded." This is significantly different from previous decentralized and voluntary developer organizations (such as the ETH project in Github). MolochDAO has increased access, withdrawal, proposal and voting rights, and contributors enjoy benefits that roughly match their contributions, similar to A "POW" mechanism for corporate operation.

CoinFund is a Brooklyn-based crypto asset management company whose founder Jake Brukhman and Tetras have different views. He has been holding ETH since July 2015. Brukhman stated: