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BTC still Bitcoin mining hostinghas an advantage in total transaction count. In contrast, BSV and BCH are not far behind. Specifically, from November 2018 to the beginning of 2019, the transaction volume of BSV was large. The following table shows the total daily transaction count for each of the three assets:

In addition to the above examples, there are many merchants that support Bitcoin Cash payment will launch some activities to attract users to use Bitcoin Cash. Because Bitcoin Cash is very practical, the transaction speed is fast, the fee is negligible, and it is not controlled by any third party, it is the object of many merchants' favor. The use of the Bitcoin Cash alliance program can not only increase the adoption of Bitcoin Cash, but also a way for those businesses to attract users, which is mutually beneficial. With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin Cash, the future of Bitcoin Cash Alliance transactions is bright. Bitcoin Cash is also bound to be used by more and more users.

The author of this article is a member of the dark web organization, providing file resources and technical services to black market customers. He discussed the impact of technological development on commercial activities in the online black market from three perspectives: past, present and future. This article does not make legal and ethical evaluations of these activities, but only focuses on technical and operational safety. For some people's transactions that violate laws and ethics, it may be completely legal for others, and you have to judge for yourself.

BSV vowed to use computing power to destroy ABC, leaving BCH without any transactions for two years, and also said some garbage, such as welcoming you to go bankrupt, but for now, his work seems to have shifted to BSV. Above, the strategic task of using computing power to destroy ABC should be temporarily impossible.

Bitcoin split into BCH and BCE (now Bitcoin), but BCH is more free than BCE. The difference between the two is not only the block size, but is essentially the division of the deeper two communities with different ideas. When Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin, he did not support full nodes. Satoshi Nakamoto's original intention was that experts should use professional hardware to run them. Everyone running full nodes is actually a backward thinking.

It remains to be seen how many industry characteristiBitcoin mining hostingcs or the characteristics of the project itself contribute to the overall relevance. As more and more assets undergo IEO, we also need to observe whether certain results in this report will remain unchanged in the future, and whether they are applicable to a wider range of encrypted assets.

According to the website dailyhodl news on July 19, Ethereum founder VitalikIButerin (V God) said in an interview with the famous American economist Tyler Cowen that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are before large-scale mainstream adoption. There are at least two major hurdles to overcome, and that is scalability and ease of use.