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Arjun believes that the number of nodes in the Lightning Network will increase from the current 2100 (data at the time of his prediction) to more than 10,000, and the transaction volume will increase from about US$2 million to more than US$25 mBitcoin mining downloadillion. There is at least one major exchange. Will deploy Lightning Network.

Regarding the potentially significant aspects of the future of institutional investment in cryptocurrency, it is reported that FlowTraders has become the world's first trading company known to the public to actively trade crypto ETNs on regulated exchanges. This may cast a vote of confidence in the future of the crypto market.

Personal customer B consumes. Due to insufficient funds, after negotiation, the commercial bank finally borrows 10 digital currencies at a price of 4%, and the commercial bank uses wealth management funds to provide it; after personal customer B pays the merchant, the merchant will purchase The funds are paid to corporate customer B to complete the entire commodity circulation process. The results of the third round of simulation are as follows:

In 1993, an informal activist group actively advocated the use of cryptography and widely used a privacy enhancing technology called cypherpunk. It also issued a document called the cypherpunk manifesto. After the declaration was issued, this group became more clear about the core principles of the cryptography movement:

It can be seen from the above that the Grayscale Fund brings more than just 3% management fee income, but expands the business map of DCG Group. Through the creation of a set of profitable products of "high fund premium", Genesis has strengthened its own trading, lending and derivatives business, formed DCG Group's unique "gray fund moat" and created a "money empire" in the cryptocurrency market.

However, the above investment cases and the entire industry need to pay attention to the financial industry giant (BigFinance). In view of its political and financial influence, large financial companies have shown that they use GooglePay, ApplePay, AppleCard, AmazonCard and other products. With great patience and tolerance, they even "greet each other" with respect and humility, and try Bitcoin mining downloadto establish a partnership. Why is this? The answer is simple, because these previous financial technology products have not touched the core interests of large financial companies.