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ST can be used to represent various types of assets and rights in reality. Because ST has a clear underlying asset support, the value of ST is more stable. In terms of stability, ST is more attractive than Bitcoin. Especially when some underlying assets obviously have long-term stability, such as the national debts of countries with high sovereign credit and real estate in globally recognized luxury regions, the market has stronger demanMycelium Bitcoin Walletd for ST representing them. Due to the huge amount of ST in the market, this will greatly reduce the market's demand for Bitcoin as a value-preserving tool.

The report analyzed 57 stable coins, including 23 coins that have been issued and 34 coins that are in the pre-issuance stage. The report also shows that investors are increasingly interested in stablecoins, and the total amount of venture capital raised so far is about 500 million US dollars. Part of the venture capital comes from well-known funds such as AndreessenHorowitz, BainCapital Ventures, Google Ventures and LightspeedventurePartners.

However, considering the advantages of this technology, a total ban on privacy coins is not advisable. It is not advisable for criminals to stifle the legitimate application of such coins simply because they are eyeing them. WeissRatings believes that to solve this problem, the plan must be complicated and controversial.

On February 27, it was reported that the Bitcoin ETF application submitted by WilshirePhoenix was officially rejected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the grounds that the problem of market manipulation continues and the lack of a regulatory sharing agreement is affected. The market suffered a bloodbath again.

On July 11, 2018, a report from the Forbes Center for Hiring Strategy and International Studies (CSIS) emphasized the positive role of cryptocurrency in oppressed regions. According to the report, the disappearance of centralized entities promotes peer-to-peer transactions, which greatly reduces the possibility of corruption.

According to a report prepared by the analysis company DelphiDigital for CoinDesk, USDT lost nearly a third of its market share during this period, while GUSD's transaction volume eventually surpassed PAX in January 2019, with its transaction volume exceeding 140Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet million Dollar. The report states:

When settling by net value, buyers and sellers do not complete the value exchange in real time. Instead, the intermediary agency puts the unsettled transaction there, and waits for a special time (such as one day) to put all the transactions in this time together. Settlement. For example, in the securities industry, a broker will calculate a net value for all transactions of all customers buying and selling Apple stocks within a day, and settle once, rather than once without a single transaction.

After BitcoinCore opposed the New York Consensus, the miners' camp began to loosen, the balance of power began to change quietly, and the offensive and defensive trends began to change. Some mining pools have begun to withdraw from the New York Consensus, such as Yuchi, Slush, BTCC and other mining pools announced that they no longer support the New York Consensus.