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According to the data monitoring of Huo coin Research Institute, the total number of defi locked positions (TVL) rose slightly today to 17.48 billion US dollars, and the real locked positions increased slightly toBitcoin vulnerability 11.84 billion US dollars. Among them, sushiswap increased significantly, reaching 19.06%.

Despite the gray-scale GBTC premium, daily trading volume has steadily increased to $1.5 billion, indicating a direct increase in demand for bitcoin, as it reflects the price trend of bitcoin, according to an analysis article released by ambcrypto on December 4. In the absence of a bitcoin ETF, this is a choice for family offices and bitcoin investments with more than $50000 of discretionary traders. Interestingly, in addition to whales and institutions, retail traders with wallet balances of 0.1-10 BTCs in their wallets continue to accumulate bitcoin, even at the current price level.

On November 25, crusnetwork (CRU), a decentralized storage project based on Boca parallel chain, announced the incentive test network of profitark, and planned to start the first phase of the test network on November 30. In the first stage, about 300000 crus will be distributed, of which 50% are crus and 50% are cru18 (crus in locked state will be released linearly within 18 months after the main network goes online). In addition, crustnetwork will count the points of the first five days every five days, and distribute rewards in the form of erc20 in proportion. Currently, users have five days to reconfigure and pre test. Previously, the crust ark incentive test network entered the closed test phase on November 12, 2020, and has ended the closed test.

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According to Suzhou municipal government, double lottery will be issued from December 12 to December 24. The Suzhou citizens registered with the appointment registration system must have a (or above) normal social security payment record within the Suzhou metropolitan area in the past three years (or monthly), or registered residence or temporary residence in the Suzhou metropolitan area. The winning bidder can use the digital RMB app from 20:00 on December 11 to 24:00 on December 27 to go to the designated offline merchants in Suzhou area for consumption, or they can make online consumption through Jingdong Mall.

Wave network Market shows that BTC rose in shock, breaking through 16000 usdt. Bitcoin vulnerabilityIt is now reported at 16017.91 usdt, down 1.65% in 24h. Qtum, XLM and XRP have been put on line for multiple long and short leverage products, with a rise and fall range of multiple times that of the corresponding currency market. The hedging management of ETF products in the perpetual contract market only charges 0.1% of the management fee per day to cover the costs such as the service charge and capital rate of the contract market, but does not charge additional contract capital rate. Due to the large rise and fall of blockchain leveraged ETF products and high risk, please be careful to participate.