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Take a screenshot of the password and hope that this picture can be backed up to the cloud. Are you funny? Never take a screenshot or take a picture, unless you want to restore the wallet, or save the password on your computer, the last thing you can’t d…

For example, the support of a third party is not required to prevent the decentralized verification of double payment, and for example, unless all the proof of work is completed again, the transaction record formed will be an unchangeable proof of work, b

Mohammadi said at the time that Iranians whose bitcoins were confiscated could not take legal measures against the United States at home because cryptocurrencies had been banned by the Iranian government. The Central Bank of Iran announced in April this y

BTC still has an advantage in total transaction count. In contrast, BSV and BCH are not far behind. Specifically, from November 2018 to the beginning of 2019, the transaction volume of BSV was large. The following table shows the total daily transaction c

Arjun believes that the number of nodes in the Lightning Network will increase from the current 2100 (data at the time of his prediction) to more than 10,000, and the transaction volume will increase from about US$2 million to more than US$25 million. The

A large number of investors suffered losses. In addition to the project team’s ignorance of security issues, it is the responsibility of the online trading platform for related tokens. Huobi Pro announced this afternoon that it is reviewing the ERC20 smar

In Blockwares analysis content, there is indeed some valuable part, especially that miners have to continue operating at a loss in order to comply with contract requirements. If this situation really exists, it means that we should be more cautious, becau

Around 2014, a netizen named Daurgothoth described his recent depressive life on Reddit. He said that in the past few years, the extreme distrust of American politics, public education system and centralized economy has caused him to fall into depression

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