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Of course, no university has admitted that they want to make money from the cryptocurrency craze, although the continuous commercialization of universities will increase this suspicion. For example, between 1988 and 2018, the average tuition of American private non-profit universities (Harvard University, New York University, Duke University, Georgetown University, etc.) increased from US$15,160 to US$34,740, a year-on-year increase of 129% . The annual tuition fee in the United Kingdom has increased frHow to invest in Bitcoinom 0 euros (1998) to the current 9,250 euros in 19 years, which has prompted universities to be increasingly driven by goals and teaching results to attract more students-or just like an anonymous scholar As said, the courses are set up to attract more customers. In the United States, the financial crisis has exacerbated this process. The United Kingdom, the United States and other countries have left less public funds for universities. These schools must find ways to find sources of income for themselves.

In addition, some fresh blood has also begun to flow into the Bitcoin market, and the number of traders who invest a small amount of money has also increased. The analysis pointed out that the number of addresses holding a certain percentage of the total Bitcoin supply (the upper limit of Bitcoin supply is 21 million, and 18 million have been mined) has also increased, indicating that new users are slowly entering the Bitcoin market. The report states:

CasperFFG was first released in October 2017. It will serve as the final system based on Proof of Stake (PoS) to cover the existing Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain of Ethereum. Casper aims to solve the openness problem of economic end by confirming deposits and encrypting economic incentives.

On February 19, 2019, Twitter user @6102bitcoin reposted a tweet about the acquisition of the blockchain analysis company Neutrino by Coinbase Exchange. He had no comment, but silently entered and sent #DeleteCoinbase.

The company announced that its total assets under management reached a new high, reaching US$4 billion, twice the amount in May last year. According to Grayscale’s updated data on the scale of its investment products at the end of May, the company’s total assets under management are approximately US$3.8 billion, and Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) accounts for nearly 90% of the share.

According to the data in the Omni browser, almost all token circulation is now USDT circulation, with an average daily transaction volume of 10,000. The USDT based on the Omni protocol and the ERC20 protocol is accounted by BTC and ETH miners during tHow to invest in Bitcoinhe transfer process. Every USDT transfer is recorded in the blockchain, which has strong security and stability.

Since recently, the BCH community has diverged due to the protocol update plan given by BitcoinABC. Coingeek, one of the largest BCH mining pools, expressed its opposition to the consensus improvement proposed by BitcoinABC and gave corresponding amendments.

XRP has always been criticized for its centralization, but the road to decentralization of XRP Ledger has finally taken a substantial step. Currently, Ripple runs less than 50% of the nodes on XRPLedger's default trusted node list (UNL), eliminating its ability to unilaterally make a decision.