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"CRYPTO" is not the first crypto-themed movie launched by Hollywood. As early as 2016, Hollywood launched the Vietnamese thriller "BitcoinHeist" (BitcoinHeist), which has a rating index of 20 on the Rotten Tomatoes website. In addition

At the end of June, Bitrue was attacked by hackers and approximately $4.23 million in assets were stolen. The hackers found a security hole in Bitrues platform that allowed them to gain access to the accounts of approximately 90 users. Subsequently, the h

From the deposit information provided by the customer, it can be seen that Quadrigacx probably never held enough BTC to pay the customers funds. In the next section, the customer withdrawal information related to the exchanges BTC transaction reflects tha

In addition, there is a lack of proper competition in this field, and nothing can threaten their business model and prevent them from reducing costs. Finally, there are some complex issues to be dealt with, such as local monetary policy, which makes it di

However, the glory of the roast cat mining machine came and went quickly. In October 2013, the roast cat company failed to launch the second-generation chip in time, causing its computing power in the Bitcoin network to drop below 4%; three months later T

Also, keep in mind that although the Bitcoin network expects to produce a block every 10 minutes, there is no real guarantee. The interval between block births can range from a few milliseconds to a few hours. Although the expected median time of the past

The exchange is registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), and it pointed out: According to the laws of the BVI, it is obliged to report certain information to the BVI government. According to the content of the letter, Bitfinex may subsequently exch

However, due to changes in the economic environment and the entry of institutional investors, this type of bitcoin, known as "digital gold", has become popular since the beginning of this year. The story of Bitcoins wealth creation begins again.